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FOOD and FIRE - Artisanal Fire Cooking!

When a champion of UK BBQ publishes a book - you jump, grab a copy and get reading! Marcus Bawdon of CountryWoodSmoke has put together an almanac of fire cooking ideas for those really wishing to connect with inner flame cook.

In here is a range of recipes, ideas and techniques for the cooking of amazing food with the simplest of barbeque techniques - "If you are near a fire, you can cook!". Years of experience and dedication to the art shine through in this guide to cooking outdoors, breaking it down to several techniques.

The journey starts with "Dirty" cooking which is direct on coals, here a couple of my favourites the ribeye and the scallops are cooked on coal - delicious! From here there is Campfire and Firepits, Cast-Iron cooking, Grilling, Rotisserie and Skewer cooking and on to Smoking! Each recipe along may take a little to master however there are neat little tips and alternatives along the way.

There's quite a lot to try out in here, the slow smoked lamb will be my go to, and a lot a to learn from Marcus; editor of UK BBQ Mag, crowned King of Meatopia and all round BBQ genius!

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