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Craft Beef - A Revolution of Small Farms and Big Flavors

Updated: May 13, 2019

I have regularly stated that it is important to know where your food comes from such that you can choose the most ethical and sustainable produce. Well, these folk have taken it a step further and created Crowd Cow where right from the small hold farm through to your plate you can be involved in the production and understanding of your beef. It not only puts the best quality meat on your table but also has benefits of to the land that they were reared on.

Beyond the success story of their Crowd Cow business there is a some fascinating information and stories to extend your knowledge of Beef and the trade. It’s and introduction to the surprising and delightful array of cattle breeds, regions and programs of rearing and producing quality and diversity in the manner that wine and craft beer is produced.

A light and easy read, great fun and will have you hankering to investigate, understand and try out beef that you have never tried or even heard of before...

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Craft Beef: A Revolution of Small Farms and Big Flavors

Joe Heitzeberg, Ethan Lowry and Caroline Saunders

ISBN [Paperback]: 978-1-64137-025-7

ISBN [eBook]: 978-64137-029-5

Page Count: 204

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