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About Those Burgers!

If, like us, you are insanely curious as to how your food makes it to your table, then a behind the scenes visit to your local butcher is golden. On this occassion, the coldest day of the year, we were invited along to the HG Walter London facility for a morning in their coolrooms...

Beyond the stunning array of meats they have there we took a particular interst in their burger preparation area. Here, they are one of Londons largest producers of burgers for some of the finest burger joints in town. There is a complete burger development area and kitchen, where chefs and cooks can experiment with their burger mixes, through to automated an hand made burger pressings.

We captured some moments from both preparation process which became an instagram success! Above is the hand pressing process and for all those that asked us where to find the press, follow the link below.

An a big thanks you to HGWalter.com for their hospitality!

That burgres press is available from AW Smiths - sundries suppliers to the butcher trade!


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