On Friday 3rd January 2020 the fine gentlemen Fabio and Claudio from @labutcher_lacarnefasangue of Italy challenged @BBQlads to a steak off down at @WoWBBQ in North London.

Fabio bringing over some of his most sensational steaks from Italy including Sashi, Firentina Bistecca and sneaking in a few Snake River Farms special cuts certainly took the floor with style, flare and yes a bit of flame.

BUT, BBQlads with a smashing range of dry aged Angus from @longcroftandold, smoked and reverse seared appeared to take the WoW from the audience - espcially when the double tomahawk, medium rare coast to coast was served.

THE WINNER! Well I'd say that the audience were the winners! Never has a crowd been served such a selection of fine steaks, cooked in such a range of styles

- no condiments, no utensils, hands only, endless wine and beer, - wow - now that was a tasty event